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Double issue - CD with DVD.

A collection of songs, music and films about the Scottish Soldier, which reflect his spirit, gallantry, humour and the pride he felt for his regiment.

Performed by the one of Scotland's top traditional singers, one of the finest pipers, and the Pipes and Drums.



BACK TO THE FUTURE - Live in Glasgow


Air & Jigs: Karl Be Grosse/Joiner Extraordinaire/Caber Feidh. Air, Strathspeys & Reels: The Highland Clearances/Craig a’Bhodich/Fiddler’s Joy/Fleshmarket Close/The Happy Onion Chopper. Air-Novice Juvenile Band-(featuring Wolfstone) El Torques. Reels: Andy Renwick’s Ferret/The Fourth Floor. 6/8s Novice Juvenile Band & Grade 1 Band- Bonnie Dundee/Cock O’the North/Blue Bonnets. Air & Jig: (featuring Wolfstone) Balandran Air/Balandran Jig. Jigs: The Panda/ The 98 Jig/The Famous Baravan. Air: (featuring Wolfstone) McPherson’s Lament. Drum Fanfare: Extracts from ‘The Ballymena Fanfare. Marches: Willie Grey/ Auchany Glen. Hell Pipes:(featuring Wolfstone) Hell Pipes. Strathspeys & Reels: J F McKenzie of Garrynahine, Stornoway/ Sabhal Mor Astaig/Yorkshire Brite/Little Cascade . Hornpipes: Wee Man from Skye/ Train Journey North/Crossing the Minch. Air & Reels: Sleeping Tune/The Thin Man/Break Yer Bass Drone/The High Drive. Suite: Last of the Mohicans/Miracle Creek/Callum’s Mohican. Hornpipe & Reels:(featuring Wolfstone) Zeto the Bubbleman/Breton Port a’Beul/The Auld Fiddler.



Stuart Cassels - Blown Away CD

1) Big Al's: Alasdair's Reel
2) The Paps of Jura: Kirsteen's Jig - The Isle of Jura
3) The Snuffmaid's Welcome to Glasgow: The Snuffwife - The Kitchenmaid - Nelson Mandela's Welcome to Glasgow
4) Ginny's Tune
5) The Salmon & the Clyde - Rory MacLeod
6) Moran & Bodhran: The Rutting - Athol Cummers - The Prince of Wales - Bodhran Solo - Angus McGonnagle, the Gargling Argyll Gargoyle
7) The Terror Time
8) The Hills of Argyll
9) This Is How the Ladies Dance: Loic Denis' Welcome to South Uist - This Is How the Ladies Dance - This Is How the Ladies Reely Dance
10) Lexy McAskill - Thomson's Dirk
11) Just For Gordon: Miss Campbell of Sheerness - Nighean na Cailliche Crotaiche - Grey Daylight - Tune for A New Found Harmonium - The High Drive




Scottish Power Pipe Band Cathcart CD

Latest CD from one of Scotland's premier Grade 1 pipe bands, sponsored by ScottishPower and under the guidance of Pipe Major Roddy MacLeod, director of the Piping Centre in Glasgow and a leading competition solo piper.

The recording was jointly produced by Phil Cunningham and Murray Blair. A long-awaited album for piping enthusiasts but also with a wide appeal and interest to all.

Tracks include: March, Strathspey & Reel * Set of Reels * 6/8 Marches * 3/4 Marches * Gaelic Air and Jigs * Air & Jigs * Anthem * Asturian Set * Medley * Jig Set * Small Pipe Set * Hymn / Gaelic Psalm (Amazing Grace).




The Legendary House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band

This is a truly unique collection of recordings tracing the musical history of the Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band. It includes archive recordings, RSPBA Championships and live concert recordings.

1) Rowan Tree
2) Solo - Tom McAllister Snr.: Traditional Slow Air
3) Farewell My Nut Brown Maiden
4) The Hills of Alva
5) Glasgow Week in Hamburg
6) Cullen Bay
7) Carradale Bay
8) Morrison Avenue 9&
10) The Shotts Drum Fanfare - Alex Duthart & Jim Kilpatrick & Corps
11) Flora Duncan
12) Calypso Reel
13) Solo - Robert Mathieson: I Am Sleeping
14) Salute to James Henderson
15) The First Fifty 16&
17) Medley: The First One Hundred - The Curlew - Caber Feidh - The Bells of Dunblane





The young Ones features three of the brightest young and upcoming pipers from Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.





Leap and Rock

New album for Highland Dancers with 35 tracks from Champion Piper Michael Gray.

Already endorsed by many of the top Highland Dancing Judges!






 ST LAURENCE O'TOOLE PIPE BAND - The Dawning of the Day

Irish Air/March: Dawning of the Day
The Strutting Hornpipe/Quirkey’s Broken Glasses
Alen Tully & the Trad Lads:The High Drive/Crossing the Minch/The High Drive Woman of the House/The Big Ship/The Driver
Joe Cooley’s Hornpipe/Joe Cooley’s Jig/The Donegal Lass/Eddie’s Lamentation/The Strathspey King/Sergeant Murphy’s/Stranded in Scotland/The Ballintore Fancy/The Lismurrane Lamps
The New Crossroads/The Sidewinder
Give us Another Song/Kitty Magee Hornpipe/Kitty Magee Jig/The Dirty Lough
Boolavogue/The Ballintore Hornpipe/The Pumpkins Fancy
Michael Faughnan’s/Sonny Brogans/Hughie Travers
Rabs Wedding/Donald MacLean of Lewis/Redford Cottage

Teddy O’Neill/Queen of the Rushes/Tureengarbh Glen/As I went out upon the Ice/Sweeny’s/The Little Bag/The Hills of Kesh/The Boys of Malin/The Ass in the Graveyard/Ballyloughlin
Down by the Seaside/Patsy Geary’s Hornpipe/Patsy Geary’s Jig/Give us a Minute
The Girl from Dungannon/The Tar Road to Sligo/Alen’s Lucky Stone/Hard Times/Mrs Margaret MacKenzie/Glenclune/Happy Days at Easter/Peata Beag a Mhathair/The Primrose LassGalician Set :Danza de San Rogue de Hio/Shaun Davey’s Jig/The Auld Triangle. Ballintore Hornpipe/The Pumpkins Fancy/Stirlingshire Militia/Atholl Cummers/Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
Alen Tully & the Trad Lads: Eurelsa Vale/Jimmy Ward’s/Humours of.






h Slow Air & Jigs
Karl Be Grosse/Adrian Cramb, Joiner Extraordinaire/ The Curlew/Caber Feidh
Hornpipes. Satellite Glen/Il Paco Grande
 March, Strathspey & Reel:-John McDonald of Glencoe/Dora MacLeod/ Mrs MacPherson of Inveran  
Strathspeys & Reels:-J.F. McKenzie of Garrynahine, Stornoway/Sabhal Mor Astaig/Yorkshire Brite/Trip to Ballymena
Suite:-Last of the Mohicans/Callum’s Mohican
Hornpipe/Jig Set :-Ross Ainslie’s Big Fags/P/M Jim Wark’s Jaunt wi’ the Vale/Kilbardon Jig/Tom Billy’s Jig/Bottle Eyes/Tinky Jig
Gallician Air & Jig:-Balandran Air/Balandran Jig
Drum Fanfare
Strathspey & Reel:-Piper’s Bonnet/Pretty Marion
Hornpipe Jig Set:-Beth Tobin/Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight/Jig O’ Slurs/Callum Townsley’s Trip to Belfast
Air, Strathspey & Reels:-The Highland Clearances/Craig a’Bhodich/Fiddler’s Joy/Fleshmarket Close/The Happy Onion Chopper
Lament:-McPherson’s Lament.
Hornpipe/Reel Set


The National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland in Concert

Slow Air & Jig Set :Le Jean / Archie Beag / The Curlew / The Glasgow City Police Pipers
Waltz : We’re a Case the Bunch of Us
Fred Morrison & Jamie McMenemy: Up South
Jigs & Reels :Rory Gallagher / Blue Cloud / Jenny Dang the Weaver/ Lord MacDonalds Reel
Kathryn Tickell: Otterburn
Dance Set :Strackonice / Bulgarian Red
Fred Morrison & Jamie McMenemy: Passing Places / Universal Hall
Session Set: Lady Carmichael / The Aird Ranters/ Dolina MacKay / The Brown Haired Maid
Jig & Hornpipes: The Grinder / Duncan Johnstone/ Orlando Tango
Kathryn Tickell: Remember Me / Carrick Hornpipe / Bill Charton’s Fancy
Drum Showcase: Drum Showcase/ Farewell to Erin
Fred Morrison & Jamie McMenemy: Frances Morton Hornpipe
Rock You : We Will Rock You / Lexy McAskill
Encore: Lochanside .



Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia Pipe Band in Concert

9/8 March & Jigs: Bathgate Highland Games - The Hills of Kazakhstan - The Fiddler’s Rally.
2) 2/4 Marches & Brass: The Armistice of 1918 – Abbeyfields - Loch Leven Castle.
3) Hornpipes : Willie Bishop - Wee Stuart McIntyre .
4) M.S.R. : Kantara to El Arish - Blair Drummond - John Morrison of Assynt House .
5) Encore : The Rubic Cube - The Brest St Marc .
6) Medley : Joanna’s Hornpipe - Ally Waugh’s Hotline - The Boys of the Lough - Sarah’s Song

 - Captain Home - Blackley of Hillsdale - The Black Mill - Banjo Breakdown .
7) Drum Solo .
8) Jigs : Duncan the Gauger - The Kitchen Maid - Braes of Melnish - James Young .
9) Pipe Band & Brass (Soloist: Eleanor Ferguson): Eriskay Love Lilt .
10) Suite: The Call to the Gathering
11) 2/4 Marches with The Porridge Men: 93rd at Modder River - The Centenary Jewel . 12) Drum Fanfare.
13) Encore: The Masons Apron - The Pumpkin’s Fancy.
14) Brass : The Gael .
15) Suite : Centennial, The People’s Anthem .
16) Medley: The Calling - The Bob ‘o Fettercairn - Thought’s ‘o Burns - Willie Murrays - Sad the Parting - The Unfaithful Lover - Wee Gordon’s Brig ‘O Don Phrase - Paddy in the Sauna - Busindre Reel.
17) Small Pipes & Border Pipes: A Border Ballad - Lexie McAskill - The Ramnee Ceilidh - The 4th Floor.
18) Encore: Blackie MacLeod - Duckin’ & Divin’ - New Year in Noosa - Airlie’s Big Day - The Foxhunters.
19) 3/4 Marches with Boghall & Bathgate Juveniles: The Road to Glendaruel - The Bloody Fields of Flanders .


Royal Scots Dragoon Guards CD - Parallel Tracks

The Pipes & Drums are joined by Mark Knopfler, Ant Clark, Natasha Jenkins & Natalie Bonner

Going Home  The Bells of Dunblane The GaelTop Deck in Perth Lewis Jig, Monro's Jig, Rory Gallacher, Lee's Lullaby, Crossing the Minch Raigmore  Celtic Cottage Erin Shore Hector the Hero The Ceildh  Ashley's Thinning Napper She Moves Through The Fair Piobaireachd Amazing Grace Auld Lang Syne


Robert Mathieson - The Big Birl

Music Featured: Song For the Small Pipe The Egg and The Fiddle Sting In the TaleTap Dancer DJ Archie * Blue Jig The Big Birl * Minuette The First Fifty 
The Angels Share Breton Air  Long Island Jig The Red Fox Carnival Reel 
Calypso Piper Mink Sporran Highland Academy Compiler's Jig Celtic Matador Spanish Piper Fair Maiden's Prayer Staffordshire Highland Gathering 
Desert Storm...and many more.


Andrew McCowan - Fling Time 2

Piping for Highland Dancing
Flora MacDonald's Fancy (6): The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre/Bonnie Dundee/The Steamboat; Scottish Lilt (6): The Battle of the Somme/The Festival March; Wilt Thou go to Barracks Johnnie (6): The Barren Rocks of Aden/Teribus/Corrichoillie's 43rd Welcome to the Northern Meeting; Highland Laddie (6): The Highland Laddie; Blue Bonnets are Over the Border (4): All the Blue Bonnets are Over the Border; Village Maid (6): The Liberton Pipe Band; Scotch Measure (6): Mairi's Wedding/A Man's a Man for a' That; Sailors Hornpipe (6): The 78ths Walk Round (The Liverpool Hornpipe)/Crossing the Minch; Irish Jig (8) The Irish Washerwoman; Blue Bonnets are Over the Border (6): All the Blue Bonnets are Over the Border; Dusty Miller; Earl of Errol (4); Tribute to J L MacKenzie (4): Longueval; Hebridean Laddie (4): Earl of Mansfield; Earl of Errol (6); Tribute to J L MacKenzie (6): Longueval/The Highland Cradle Song; Hebridean Laddie (6): Earl of Mansfield.



City of Invercargill Caledonian Pipe Band - CDPipin' Hot

Celtic Rock - Kiwi Style!
When the Pipers Play The Gael My Heart Will Go On Calypso Sailing The Bells of Dunblane and many more of the most popular themes.

R.S. MacDonald - Good Drying

Bullet Train - The Reedmaker's Reel - Smokin' the Wasps - Electric Chopsticks Good Drying The King Danced At Dawn - Willie Cochrane - JK's Jig - The Millstead - Last Tango in Harris Harbour View I'll Paco Grande Abercromby Place - Good Times in Galliard - Margaret's Waltz Departure - Distant Land -The Pivovar Express - Bootleg Brew - The Apparition - Long Morning - 2nd At Pugwash MealFuar-Mhonaidh The Famous Forth - Green Day - Coolhurst Castle - Studio One - Trip to Ballymena - Patricia K. Cowell Ruth Grant - Footprints On the Water - The Funnel - The Beaver Club Shonah



Chris Armstrong -"X-treme"

Chris is a young piper who, in a short space of time, has progressed through a solid background in pipe bands and a period in the folk scene to establish himself as a major force at the very top level of competitive solo piping in the World. His playing style is dynamic and exciting with a major emphasis being on clarity and accuracy of fingering. He has recently become the youngest Pipe Major in Grade 1.
An Cu Dhu. Bulgarian Red Reels: The Bucks of Oranmore/Bulgarian Red/Loren McCowan’s Reel/Simon McKerrell’s Compliments to Finlay MacDonald/Gillian Frame P.M. Roderick J. MacLeod MBE/Barry & Irene Armstrong’s 25th Wedding Anniversary
TNT Hornpipes:Kick Start/Big Bunnet’s Hornpipe/Touchin’ Cloth /Dive Bombing Jigs:Fiona’s Jig/McKerrell’s Helium Powered Uillean Pipes/Dive Bombing Shitehawks Oran Canntaireachd Rock Aqus Roll:Rockin’ Fingers/Kim’s Crazy Loops/Stratochanter
Strathspeys & Reels:Andrew Wright/ Arniston Castle/Hoddom Castle/John Morrison of Assynt House Kazoo Assassin:Bulgarian Red/Rene the Banjo Man/Simon McKerrell’s/The Campbeltown Assassin The ‘B’ Box Reels:The ‘B’ Box/Roarty’s Reel/Air Bodhran/Kennedy’s Favourite/Donald Shaw’s Second Wind X-treme:X-treme/The Mason’s Apron .

Only $25.00 the pair

"Scotland the Brave" is a rousing album featuring many Scottish favourites often requested of pipers, and also sets in all common bagpipe idioms, making it not only an entertaining album but a great resource for the aspiring piper. Tunes featured are: Amazing Grace, Dark Island, Flower of Scotland, Mull of Kintyre, Scotland the Brave, Loch Ruan, Lord Lovat’s, Hundred Piper’s, Bonnie Dundee, Muckin o’ Geordie’s Byre, Cock o’ the North, Louden’s Bonnie Woods and Braes, Orange and Blue, Fairy Dance, Kilt is my Delight, Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay, Green Hills of Tyrol, Battles O’er, Bloody Fields of Flanders, Heights of Dargai, Battle of the Somme, The Royal Scots Polka, The Black Bear, High Level Hornpipe, Braes of Melinish, The Little Spree.


 Pipe Major Brett Tidswell

 Pipe Major Brett Tidswell's first full length solo album featuring such classic greats as: The Big Spree, Donald MacLeod, Skyeman's Jig, MacGuire’s Jig, Fair Maid of Barra, Capt. Craig Brown, Peter Logie's, Hugh Kennedy, Cabar Feidh, Sheepwife, Flame of Wrath, Argyllshire Gathering, Shepherd’s Crook, Brown Haired Maid, Wee Highland Laddie, Morison Avenue, Road to Gerinish, Shores of Loch Bee, Lucy Cassidy, Herring in Saut, Old Woman's Lullaby.




Just some of the top CDs available at $29.00

"Second to None"

The Guards perform their standard calls and sets, as well as the powerful tunes Amazing Grace and Highland Cathedral

The Pipes and Drums of the 1st Battalion The Black Watch "Ladies From Hell"

15 tracks

The Pipes and Drums 1st Battalion The Black Watch - “Proud Heritage”



The Pipes and Drums First   Battalion The Queen's Own Highlanders

(Seaforth and Camerons)


The Pipes & Drums & Military Band The Royal Highland Fusiliers Princess Margaret's Own Glasgow & Ayrshire Regiments The regiment performs several dramatic combined band numbers and Gavin Stoddart plays a solo set.

The Fighting Scots

 The Pipes & Drums & Music of the Great Scottish Regiments

 "Another Quiet Sunday"

Shotts & Dykehead, a band with too many awards to note, recorded this album in 1990. The Battlefield Band plays briefly and Jim Kilpatrick performs a complex drum fanfare

Manawatu  "The Calling" 11 tracks: Rob Roy Medley * What Wondrous Love Is This Medley * March, Strathspey & Reel * Jig Quartet Medley * The Gael Medley * Solo Set * The Calling Medley * Barlinnie Medley * Snappy the Snail Medley * Bulgarian Bandit Medley * Lament For Donald of Laggan.

"Circular Breath"

(1997) 11 tracks: MacDonalds; The High Drive; Jolly Tinker; Clan Meets Tribe; Contradiction; Herring In Salt; The Circular Breath; Shepherd's Crook; Blow My Chanter; McFadden's; MacDougall's Gathering.

Gordon Duncan

"Just for Seumas"

 Conventional and original Highland bagpipe styles from the piping innovator from Perthshire


(April 2003) 13 tracks: Three 2/4 Marches * The '98 Jig * The Belly Dancer * Strathspeys and Reels * Pibroch and Reels * Ian Green's * Inverness Gathering * Lorient Mornings * The Old Woman's Dance * Dance Pourlet * Mercedes Trujillo * Thunderstruck * The Ferret.

The World's Greatest Pipers Volume Thirteen- Pipe Sergeant Gordon J. Walker

A collection of tunes played by Pipe Sergeant Gordon J. Walker . Includes Marches, Jigs, Strathspeys, Reels and Piobaireachd on 11 tracks

Ann Gray "A Twist in the Tale"


Although the Great Highland Bagpipe is the dominant instrument on this CD, several other pipes are incorporated


"The Piper & The Maker"

13 tracks: Sinoaidh's Tune Set * Martyn Bennett - Mary Kelly's Set * Iain MacInnes - Because He Was A Bonny Lad Set * Malcolm Robertson - The De'il in The Kitchen Set * Anna Murray - Ille Bho Dhudh Set * Graham Mulholland - Ballincrief Set * Gary West - Drumchorrie Set * Gordon Duncan - Abercairney Highlanders Set * Iain MacDonald - Father Michael MacDonald's Silver Jubilee Set * Allan MacDonald - Oran Air La Chulodair * Martyn Bennett - The Magic Flute * Angus MacKenzie - Paul K's Strathspey Set * Mairi Campbell & Hamish Moore - The Piper and The Maker.

Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band "By the Water's Edge"


This 1994 release contains many tunes played by the band during their numerous and highly successful competitions. Two Breton sets feature a guitarist.


1st Battalion The Black Watch Pipes & Drums 1. The Dark Island 2. Company Marches - Atholl Highlanders, Scotland The Brave etc 3. Highland Troop - My Home, Skye Boat Song etc 4. Rose Of Kelvingrove 5. Amazing Grace 6. Company set 7. Glamis castle 8. Glencoe 9. 51st Highlanders Division, Battle Of Waterloo etc 10. Loch Maree 11. Regimental Marches - Black Bear, Heilan' Laddie 12. Slow Air/Jigs 13. Caledonia, Devil's Staircase 14. Long Reveille - Soldier's Return, Grannie Duncan etc 15. She Moves Through The Fair, Airlie's Big Day 16. Solo Piper - Alistair Duthie - Sleep Dearie Sleep 17. Frank Thompson, Dundee City Police Pipe Band 18. Morag Of Dunvegan, Lady Madelina Sinclair etc 19. Roses Of Prince Charlie, Ye Jacobites By Name etc 20. Colin's Cattle, Dunkirk Boatman 21. The Day Thou Gavest, Auld Lang Syne

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